Purpose-built Tokens

The token is the cornerstone of scarce value representation in the digital age.  It is auditable, transparent, immune to counterfeit and theft, and has the ability to replicate legacy financial products or enable innovators to invent new products and financial systems.

The Digital Scarcity Blockchain Platform™ provides an ever growing set of tokens that can be reused, combined together, or customized to meet any requirements.


A near-zero-CPU micropayment token enables payments as small as a thousandth of one penny to be spread across millions of token holders instantly. This innovative token could revolutionize the way that businesses share their revenues with partners and shareholders.

Instant, transaction-by-transaction revenue share is now possible. A beverage company can now share the revenue from a single bottle of soda across millions of company shareholders. Legacy dividend-paying instruments typically distribute dividends quarterly or yearly, which impacts liquidity, pricing, taxes, and more. This revenue share and dividend token brings the promise of blockchain to life with real-time, accurate passive income distribution with no lock up periods required.


Payday lenders prey on our most vulnerable and provide substandard products and services. Cross-border lending is fraught with regulatory hurdles and trust disillusionment. On-chain peer-to-peer lending holds the promise of opportunity for all and higher returns for lenders of all risk profiles. Small businesses with stellar profiles in developing countries often pay over 30% interest for small loans, while small family office lenders in developed nations may receive only 3% return on capital for similar risk profiles. Our Interest Bearing Token™ enables powerful, yet simple to use lending products that can be applied to many different scenarios.

It offers flexibility for collateral-backed and reputation-backed lending. Collateral is safely locked in the smart contract during the term of the loan. Marketplace participants can configure orders based on acceptable collateral, reputation (credit) standards, loan terms, fees, geography, and of course, the interest rate.


Safe Token™ is a simple, consumer-oriented token that can be created via point and click interface. The Safe Token is fully decentralized and trustless.  The native eosio permissions have been removed from the account so only the token creator (user) can issue new quantities and the token guarantees immutability.

It is “safe” because, once deployed, no authority maintains any influence over the operations of the smart contract.

Asset Backed Token

Our Asset Backed Token™ creates the tools for users and product managers to tokenize various types of illiquid assets. The system supports on-chain validation of off-chain assets for trust, security, and audit.  

Product managers can create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are shared across holders of a fungible token that represents ownership of the NFT. It supports on-chain dividend share for passive income generated by the asset. This token is a great choice when multiple stakeholders have interests in the same in-real-life (IRL) asset, such as real estate, pieces of art, or a race horse.

Mutual Fund Token

The Mutual Fund Token™ maintains a set of on-chain assets securely within the smart contract while creating a fungible share, or token, that can be purchased or traded independently. The parameters of the Mutual Fund Token can be managed on chain, with support for important regulatory roles for auditing, commissions, and fund management.

The fund can be managed by a vote of token holders, a small or single-person team of fund managers, or can even balance assets automatically based on a defined algorithm.

Security Token

Securities represent a complex legal and regulatory conundrum for cryptocurrency businesses, analysts and traders. In many jurisdictions (such as the United States), a private security sale is only available for accredited investors, yet many of the world’s best investments are for securities or businesses that may not have the resources to launch a public sale. This creates a vicious cycle where only the wealthy have access to some of the best investments.

The Digital Scarcity Security Token™ enables issuers of new securities to easily meet the demands of regulatory compliance and manage investors. It supports many of the most popular regulatory frameworks and rules, such as on-chain KYC / AML, minimum and maximum holdings, lock up periods, and more.

Digital Scarcity does not provide legal or regulatory services at this time.

Fundraising Token

Popular off-chain fundraising platforms such as Kickstarter and GoFundMe have enabled innovation of new products and also helped people rally around those in a time of need. However, much of this distribution is diluted due to fees and unnecessary centralized waste. The Digital Scarcity Fundraising Token™ works great for entrepreneurs, charity organizations, schools, churches, and political parties.

The token supports subscription-based contributions, goal based payments with milestones that can be voted on by participants, tax-friendly reporting for charities, and other features to provide simple, yet flexible fundraising.

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