Digital Scarcity

Digital Scarcity is the world’s only full stack EOS development firm.

We build Dapps on EOS, the most scalable, flexible blockchain ever built.

EOS has an incredible set of features that enable blockchain applications to beat traditional applications in usability. On EOS, users get account names instead of addresses, and EOS has no transaction fees so your users don't need to purchase crypto to use your Dapp (unless you want them to).

EOS is lighting fast. It is currently operating at over 4,000 transactions per second (TPS) and it is running at less than 1% capacity. Ethereum handles 15 TPS, and Bitcoin handles 7. EOS has flexible and powerful governance features built-in, so it's a perfect for decentralized communitities that require voting, multi-signature wallets, or specialized permissions.

Digital Scarcity has built EOS Dapps that are in production, not just proof of concepts. We have developed Dapps for asset securitiation, ride-sharing, DNA sequencing, and social influence tokenization.

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Full Stack Development

Digital Scarcity has engineers to handle EOS smart contracts, off-chain data, web applications, and amazing mobile experiences on iOS and Android.

Global Reach

Digital Scarcity is a global, remote-first organization. We reach across time zones, borders, and cultures.

Military Grade Encryption

EOS is the safest blockchain available, and we employ the safest techniques to protect your tokens and your data.

Flexible Payment Options

Digital Scarcity may offer flexible payment options. Fiat, EOS, tokens; let's figure it out together.

Web and Mobile Wallets

Your users need to buy, send, save, or spend when they are at home or on the go. We have you covered.

Mint Custom Tokens

Equity tokens, utility tokens, loyalty tokens, gamification points, voting tokens. Digital Scarcity is on the forefront of token economics, from design through deployment and redemption.

"Working with Max has been great. He has vast knowledge in blockchain and smart contracts, especially EOS. He turned our idea of decentralized ride-sharing into a reality."

- Dardan Isufi, COO, Eva


If you can dream it, we can build it. We are working with the hottest and most innovative Dapps launching on EOS this fall. Whether it's your daily commute, your social media experience, your health, live concerts, or the farmer's market, we are building true-to-life EOS Dapps to make your world a better place.

  • Your Local Food Economy: By the People, For the Planet

  • Merriment is a wish list app that's powered by your favorite people. See all the wonderful things they endorse and add items to a wish list. Follow your friends' lists to never have to guess on special occasions again.

  • Eva is a cooperative ride-sharing application built on EOS.

  • A direct to fan performance social platform for creators, influencers, and fans

  • The ultimate aim of EDNA is to end human suffering caused by genetic disease, enhance longevity and to insure the future of DNA and DNA modification is controlled by the Humans it impacts.

  • 100% trustless, fully on-chain marketplace for EOS accounts.

Our Team

We have an all-star team developers, designers, and token economists, all specialized in EOS.

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