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The Digital Scarcity Blockchain Platform™ is a set of well-tested, easy to configure components that makes building your decentralized application (dapp) effective and fast.

Our platform features include practical, safe and simple user onboarding, a suite of purpose-built tokens to meet a wide mix of specialized use cases, exchange-enablement or a dapp-integrated exchange for users to trade your token, flexible and easy-to-use multi-signature governance for your team and community, and rich analytical tools to help you understand your users and your business.

We build for EOSIO blockchains, including the EOS mainnet, Telos, BOS, or your own custom or private EOSIO network. EOSIO stands alone as the most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications. It features no transaction fees, lightning fast speed, unbridled scalability, sophisticated multisig and voting capabilities, and powerful C++ libraries for smart contracts. Over half of all global blockchain usage is powered by EOSIO.



Most blockchain apps are hard to use. Our Onboard™ product makes it easy for your users to access your app in the manner they want from the device they prefer, all while maintaining the trusted safety and security of blockchain.

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Digital Scarcity offers a set of well-tested, purpose-built tokens, including staking, dividend/passive income, pegged assets, air drops, security tokens, and fundraising tokens.

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Blockchain enables powerful delegation and decentralization. You can delegate authority to your team members to make or execute decisions and payments, and you can enable a large community to vote on board members or referendum.

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Tools and access to liquidity are often needed to circulate your token and drive volume to your application. You can integrate with existing exchanges or embed and exchange directly into your application.

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Enroll users on their terms on devices they use.

Users can choose easy to remember, readable usernames instead of long random keys.

Simple enrollment on mobile (iOS and Android), web, desktop, or embedded applications.

Allow users to enroll on chain with their existing social media (e.g. Facebook/LinkedIn) credentials.

Military-grade encryption plus available security features such as a Yubico key, face and voice video recognition, hardware wallets, and key recovery.


Flexible and sophisticated monetization units

Choose your token features from a checklist, including support for staking, air drops dividend/revenue share, voting, lending, pegged assets, security tokens, or other customized needs.



Features to manage ongoing success

Great for large global decentralized autonomous communities (DAC) or small teams to manage funds and approvals with simple, secure multisig tools

Delegate access specifically to whom you trust to perform which actions  under what limitations, including consensus approvals.

Support for on-chain board member elections, referendums, multisig upgrades to force code reviews for safety and security, and more.


Access and control liquidity

Choose between exchange-ready tokens to integrate with existing liquidity pools, or customize your own platform with a custom, decentralized exchange built directly into your application.

Customize fees and rewards based on configured rules, user preferences, staking parameters, or user behavior.


Digital Scarcity partners with Unum to provide analytical tools and data to users about their dapps and other blockchain activity. Unum specializes in ingestion, cleansing, and contextualizing EOSIO blockchain data and offering that data in a variety of easy to use reports, dashboards, and raw CSV or JSON data. Digital Scarcity works closely with Unum during dapp development to ensure that the blockchain actions can be easily processed for analytics.

Unum puts the user at the center of their intelligence. We are able to cross-reference the activity of your users and stakeholders with their activity across the network to determine what other dapps they engage with, how they spend their tokens, topics and events that interest them on social media, which block producers they vote for, and more. This enables a true 360-degree profile of your users in aggregate and individually.

Decentralized Exchange Data

Unum offers analytics on all of the top decentralized exchanges. Users can quickly understand the trends in pricing, volume, and momentum.

Transaction & Account Data

Unum ingests accounts’ important transactions to find indicators that can improve products or services provided by your application. We use sophisticated network and graph analysis to unveil key metrics about the influencers engaging with your dapp, their network, themes and topics they are interested in.

BP Voting Data

EOSIO uses a delegated proof of stake (DPOS) consensus methodology to decide who produces the blocks of the chain. These block producers (or BPs) are elected and receive the financial rewards. Unum tools provide valuable intelligence on these activities to help you evaluate partnerships or achieve higher vote participation from your users.

Your App Data

Digital Scarcity will partner with Unum data to ensure the on-chain actions performed by your users are properly contextualized and integrated with data from the rest of the network. We also work closely with you through the cycle of continuous improvement: understanding users, making improvements, re-measuring, and repeat.

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